Journal Writings

A series of entries dedicated to the scientific expression of human movement.

Build a Brain

by The Ballet Brain

“Any [person] could, if [they] were so inclined, be the sculptor of [their] own brain.”

~ Santiago Ramon y Cajal


It’s an extraordinary feat to build a brain — our circuits operate on a temporal flow. Hours a day of focused attention. Over time thoughts for reevaluation. There is no time for procrastination.


Use it … or lose it.


The clock of neuroplasticity awaits vigor and challenge. The kind that refines and interconnects, paving the way for new opportunity.


If you use time wisely, will you gain more time? What does it cost to build a brain?

Date: June 20th, 2023

Photo: (Unknown source), Edited by creARTe

Neuroimaging by Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brain Edwards

Photo: “Self Reflected” by Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards

The Science of Movement

by The Ballet Brain

How is it that we can bend time and space, through movement, with such little deliberation for the individual muscles that transform the human body?


There are nearly 600 muscles at work, each designed to follow the instructions of our intent – the conscious and unconscious thought.


Where does movement begin?


Is it an inspiration from the entangled networks of neurons traversing the highways of the brain and spinal cord, speeding electric secrets from one synaptic cleft to the next, racing against time to facilitate and coordinate?


We were created with the desire to move. To advance. To shift spaces and to explore.


I sit still in these questions, suspending my thoughts in the science of movement.

Date: June 10th, 2023