What if the fusion of artistic pursuit and science practice — interdisciplinary thinking — became the standard approach to innovation across all levels of human advancement? Education systems would blossom. Environmental conditions would thrive, and global knowledge would escalate by the cross-integration of diverse perspectives. 

The Crearte Foundation for Art-Science Innovation, creARTe for short, is a Canadian non-profit corporation seeking to bridge the divide between art, science and society, branching into all areas of human development as a catalyst for the revolution of both intellect and creativity. Located in Montréal, we are an ideation ground for art x science innovation as we provide a series of programs and initiatives that embrace skill-development and discovery within STEM research and the visual/performing arts.

We don’t use interdisciplinary as an appealing tagline. We embody what it means to synthesize diverse disciplines. We dissolve boundaries and make way for the possibility of integration. Therefore, the questions we undertake are harvested from fields that, at first, seem not to share a common language. Our affiliated researchers, post-secondary students, artists and performers — all multidisciplinary by nature — are enthralled by the challenge of exploring the unknown and are driven to communicate, accessibly, their points of discovery. 

To the wider community, we present a fresh framework for the creation and consummation of ideas. We believe that like creation, art and science are inherently one.




We seek to cultivate an environment that provides the resources and creative freedom necessary to advance interdisciplinary thinking, inspiring individuals and institutions to leverage the role of art-science integration in fostering a more informed, empathetic and sustainable world.