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The Emerging Art-Scientist

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What if interdisciplinary thinking, where ideas stem from the fusion of artistic pursuits and empirical knowledge, became the standard across all levels of human advancement? CreMAP: The Innovator Art-Scientist platform was proposed to invite interdisciplinary thinkers to embrace the role of art-scientist, contributing to ongoing dialogue on the integration of art and science practices.


Art and science, seemingly disparate at first glance, share common ground in their pursuit of truth, expression and exploration. By delving into the imaginative and the empirical, this project embodies the belief that the intersection of art and science nurtures the development of impactful truths that would otherwise remain untold.


In building the creMAP platform, the voices of emerging art-scientists flourished. Over eight weeks of thoughtful discussion, thirty students from leading institutions across Canada and the United States were moved to share their stories. MOTION, the coffee table art-science feature book, evolved as a collection of ten essays that stand as a testament to the impact that arises when diverse disciplines converge.


Tell your Story

Over 30 students came together to share their art-science journeys. Pick a card and learn their interdisciplinary backgrounds. Each card features a student’s art x science combination.



We’re often asked to choose: are you left-brained or right-brained? Here, we’ve analyzed how the art-scientist embraces both. 


A Balanced Time

The art-science practice requires endurance and patience.Two specialities collide to create an astounding interaction, opening a never-ending wave of opportunity.



The Emerging Art-Scientist, Coffee Table Book

Volume One  |  Winter 2024

Over ten weeks of discussion through the MOTION Talks series, a cohort of students emerged, boldly charting new territories at the intersection of their interests. Within the story that each art-scientist shares, a narrative unfolds, weaving together the permissiveness of creativity with the rigor of empirical study.

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